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Distaflex DOG

We designed the ultrasoft DOG version with special attention to the requirements in kindergartens, crawling groups elementary schools, facilities for disabled people and sports halls as well as facilities for the elderly. This has an inflatable rectangular frame with exchangeable PVC-film window. Their particularly soft properties ensure high acceptance and do not pose any risk of injury.

As lightweights, Distaflex AIR modules do not form a fixed form barrier (i.e they do not impede escape routes etc) and are child's play to assemble and dismantle.

The impact frame keeps the air trapped in it for months and can be quickly emptied and folded up, if necessary. The film window is attached to the inflatable frame with snap fasteners and can be easily removed the purpose of replacement or combine folding. Thanks to the modular design, the Distaflex DOG modules can be combined to form individual adaptable partition groups using our plastic connectors.